KesselsKramer launches two digital agencies, letting audiences decide which one survives

For the launch of its first (two) digital agencies, HolyPony and, KesselsKramer is carrying out a unique a/b test.

27 January 2022

After 25 years of digital activities from KesselsKramer, the Netherlands- and UK-based studio recently named this side of its practice by launching two agencies simultaneously: HolyPony and In the spirit of a/b testing, KesselsKramer decided to leave it open to audiences and its clients to figure out “which one should survive and thrive”.

“It seemed like the right thing to do,” Jeroen Wielaard, MD of and HolyPony tells It’s Nice That. “Test various approaches, the two ends of the spectrum, and see what works best.” Jeroen explains that after using this testing technique for years for its clients, KesselsKramer wanted to run with it to find out what kind of agency audiences prefer, taking emotion out of the decision-making process.

As for what separates the two agencies, is the merging of KesselsKramer and Just, a Dutch agency and long-time collaborator of the studio. Jeroen Wielaard states: “ creates bespoke works for brands in a digital sphere. They are carefully considered, researched, tested and beautifully crafted with love and a sense of humour.”

HolyPony, on the other hand, is here to “ride the coattails of every trend the digital world will throw at [them],” says Diederik Sjardijn, also managing director at both agencies. “If there is a bandwagon, we not only jump upon it, but we will also steer it. From NFTs to blue sky thinking, active commercialisation of the digital uni-meta-verse is our raison d’être.” The HolyPony website reveals the name appealed to KesselsKramer as it “rhymes and the URL was free”.

So far, has worked on projects for the likes of Double Dutch, MyTomorrows and the Make Grey Greener campaign. Both agencies are currently open for digital work; KesselsKramer will then use metrics to decide which agency will stay and which will go.

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