The design of resource Bloom Season reflects the triumphs of Black entrepreneurs

Pooling the visions of Kin, illustrator Richard A Chance, Schoooool and Chris Cyran, Bloom Season’s site has been built to allude to possibility and the future.

21 March 2022

Bloom Season is undoubtedly the most creative site you’ll click on today. This community-centred digital resource is a new Mailchimp project, with a first issue centred on the unique challenges of Black entrepreneurs. Across its articles, the resource provides guidance on starting, running and growing a business. Championing an incredible roster of talent, creative company Kin are behind the project working with Schoooool on the website, which uses illustration from the likes of Richard A Chance and photography to uplift content around the experiences of Black entrepreneurs. Bloom Season also mirrors the triumphs of Black entrepreneurs in the present and the future, within its web and graphic design.

“Early in the development of Bloom Season, we were inspired by the concepts of Afrofuturism and the colourful data visualisation of W.E.B DuBois,” design director Chris Cyran explains. Working with Richard A Chance, Justine Allenette Ross and Ant. Blue Jr, illustrations for Bloom Season place emphasis on “Black expression and presence in various fields/technologies”, Chris continues. For example, in an article entitled “The Past, Present, and Future of the #BuyBlackMovement”, illustrations imagine a future where Black-owned products are commonplace in retail environments. The notion of possibility is also reflected within the web design from Schoooool; for example, the open navigation allows users to hover and explore information freely, with illustrations giving way to different ideas.


Kin: Bloom Season (Copyright © Mailchimp, 2022)

The general colour palette for the site has also been inspired by the personalities of entrepreneurs, utilising energetic swatches to offer a sense of success across its design. Similarly, each illustration aims to present a sense of positivity. “We felt this was important to emphasise, given the social climate and injustices faced during the pandemic,” says Chris. “Illustrations alluded to the opportunities business owners face, while nodding to the entrepreneurs themselves.” On the latter, the innovations of entrepreneurs have even been brilliantly weaved into the work; on the community page, business owners are portrayed holding drinks inspired by Amour Geneve, who was featured on the site for their innovation of a naturally blue wine.

Elsewhere, for the wordmark, “Season” is set in the Elizeth typeface by Blackletra Type Foundry, while individual letterforms were created by Chris for the word “Bloom”, aiming to emulate welcomeness by removing counters and adding subtle rounded edges to the letterforms. The design director explains thiss wordmark will be used like a stencil, offering flexibility over time as the resource progresses through issues.


Kin: Bloom Season (Copyright © Mailchimp, 2022)

“Representation of everyone involved was important to us”, Chris continues. The Bloom Season project commissioned Black illustrators and photographers for all artwork, who are championed on a community page highlighting businesses, writers, and creatives featured on the site. Photography by Samuel Trotter, Naima Green, Makeda Sanford and Braylen Dion appears throughout the digital resource.

Throughout the site, you'll find in-depth insights from business owners, followed directly by useful tips and actionable steps at the end of each article. While content around business is a cornerstone of Bloom Season, two other pillars of the site include “Being”, offering a space for conversations on community and self-care, and “Beyond”, exploring the future of Black ownership. Future issues of Bloom Season will be focused on addressing the needs of other diverse communities.

GalleryKin: Bloom Season (Copyright © Mailchimp, 2022)

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Kin: Bloom Season (Copyright © Mailchimp, 2022)

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