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An open-source typeface based on artists’ signatures, by Landor for Artupia


Design firm Landor has created a typeface based on artists’ signatures for art buying site Artupia. As part of a redesign for the platform, Landor developed the Army of Artists typeface using the first letter from each signature to craft a series of individual monograms.

The face is available to download for free via Artupia, and will evolve and grow over time as more artists add their signatures to the bank of letters.

Based on a redesign that draws visual cues from traditions of the art world, the eclectic typeface aims to celebrate the individual artists using the selling platform. Landor also introduced a “sticker” system for art buyers to use, similar to a ‘like’ or a ‘sold’ sticker in an auction, to show appreciation for an artwork. This also impacts the piece’s value, which increases depending on its popularity.

Another subtle art-world device used is a white frame on the app and website, drawn from “the traditional iconography of art galleries”.

View the site here and download the Army of Artists typeface here.


Landor: Army of Artists typeface for Artupia


Landor: Army of Artists typeface for Artupia


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