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Fiasco Design’s silhouetted woodland identity for Larmer Tree Festival 

Bristol-based Fiasco Design has produced a new visual identity for the Larmer Tree Festival, touted as the “the happiest, friendliest, quirkiest festival in the land,” which runs from 13 – 17 July.

The posters, programme and website each make use of the distinctive dark teal-green palette, populated by the lively silhouettes of revellers, animals, hot air balloons and flora. Carefully placed accents of orange for fairy lights, bunting and a sunset offer contrast and help bring the woodland festival vibe to life. The identity is tied together by a silhouetted peacock motif.

“When we went to visit the Larmer Tree Festival grounds we knew right away what they needed. This project has been a huge team effort and we’re proud we’ve brought the hands-on, home-grown Larmer Tree approach to every aspect of the identity,” says Fiasco Design co-founder and creative director Ben Steers.

Larmer Tree Festival, founded 26 years ago, takes place at Cranbourne Chase in the southwest of England.