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Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree design identity for Likeminds, a creative summer camp


Rachael Yaeger (Human NYC) and Zach Pollakoff (1m1w1d) have conceived a new creative conference Likeminds, inviting designers, artists and tech-savvy creatives to an old summer camp in Beacon, upstate New York for a weekend of food, drinks, live music, and a schedule of speakers.

In support of the creative conference, two of the speakers Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree have taken charge of the art direction and branding, making effective use of type across the lucidly designed website, printed materials and social media posts.

Working alongside photographer and frequent collaborator Meredith Jenks, the team has created a series of high-colour, eye-catching visuals, showcasing the event’s remit of promoting collaboration between creatives in the industry.

Likeminds is a weekend conference focusing on the intersections of art and tech. Bringing NYC creative types to the woods to slow down for a weekend and to meet one another out of the context of the hectic city,” explain the organisers. “Each 30 minute talk will explore how and why one can pursue their passions as a career focusing on collaboration, art, technology and community.”

Other speakers include Lotta Nieminen, Mike Perry, Adam J. Kurtz, Sougwen Chung, Anna Wolf, Lisa Butterworth, Hugh Francis, Bryan Mahoney, Ben Dickinson, Jacob Heftmann, Jake Hobart, and Matt Daniels.

Live music performances will come from the likes of Sullen Prospector, Prince Rama, Uni Ika Ai, Cut Worms, Sound of Ceres, and Angel Deradoorian. There will be installations from Phhhoto, One Thousand Birds, and Fall On Your Sword.

Likeminds will take place 26 – 28 August, 2016 at University Settlement Camp in Beacon, New York.


Leta Sobierajski, Wade Jeffree and Meredith Jenks


Leta Sobierajski, Wade Jeffree and Meredith Jenks


Leta Sobierajski, Wade Jeffree and Meredith Jenks


Leta Sobierajski, Wade Jeffree and Meredith Jenks