Nord Projects has rebooted BERG's cult classic Little Printer

22 May 2019
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(Via Nord Projects)

Cast your mind back to November 2011. Rihanna and Calvin Harris were sitting pretty at the top of the pop charts with the still-absolutely-gargantuan We Found Love, Aaron Allard-Morgan (who?) won the first Channel Five series of Big Brother before promptly vanishing, and “internet of things” pioneers BERG released Little Printer, a handy device which converted the internet into a series of daily-delivered mini-newspapers, printed on real, actual paper.

Using the BERG Cloud technology to “physically assemble a feed of highlights and subscriptions configured from your phone,” it gave internet-addicts a chance to rip their retinas away from their various screens, alighting on something a little easier on the eye.

And then in 2014 BERG – which stands for British Experimental Rocket Group – made the decision to switch the servers off, leaving the Little Printers around the world gathering dust on desktops from Teignmouth to Timbuktu.

Enter ever-enterprising design invention studio Nord Projects. Having already worked with clients ranging from Google to the NHS, the Hackney-based trio has decided get the Little Printer whirring back into life again. “We were sad when our Little Printers stopped working so took it upon ourselves to resurrect them,” Nord says collectively.

So Nord Projects did what anyone with the ability to do so does; it integrated everything it loved about BERG’s approach into a brand spanking new app, giving it an up-to-date shot in the arm while retaining all the charm that made the original batch of Little Printer devices such cult classics.

The iOS app is available now, and if you’re in possession of a Little Printer you can play Rupert Murdoch instantly.

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