No worries if not! Take a look at the board game women can’t win

It’s “the game women never wanted to play”. Little Troop designs a tongue-in-cheek product for bodycare brand Billie.

10 August 2023

Ever felt life is a game you just can’t win? Well, we’ve found the board game for you. No Worries If Not! is a game that plays on the “real life setbacks and pitfalls” that women face everyday. The product was designed by Little Troop for the bodycare brand Billie. It also features an 80s-style ad directed by the photographer and director Luca Venter. The whole project is a hoot – if a slightly depressing one at that.

The rules of the game are fairly simple. To play, you have to navigate a set of “doomed” paths including Judgment Junction, Self-Doubt Spiral, Fertility Forest and You Look Tired Triangle. The aim is to not get knocked off path and to be the first to reach Everyone’s Happy and No One’s Mad Land. The catch? It’s pretty hard (surprise surprise!).


Little Troop: No Worries If Not! (Copyright © Bille, 2023)

Little Troop went for a bold and multicoloured approach to the game’s design, perfectly matching the ironic tone of the game. The studio also designed a set of playing counters – a bottle of eternal youth, a biological clock and a never-ending to-do list.

The promotional video features comedian Ruby McCollister in a “David Byrne big suit” – created by stylist Zoey Radford Scott – who walks us through the game in the style of an 80s infomercial. The set, which is crafted by Sensitive Studio, draws from elements in the game and includes pieces like a giant biological clock.

GalleryLittle Troop: No Worries if Not! (Copyright © Bille, 2023)

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Little Troop: No Worries if Not! (Copyright © Bille, 2023)

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