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Loose Women is an upcoming exhibition celebrating emerging female artists from across the world

Loose Women has been cancelled as of 4:30 pm today (25 September). For more information, please see Loose London’s statement below.

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From 26 to 28 October, Shop 11 at the Old Truman Brewery is showcasing an exciting new show, Loose Women, exhibiting innovative, female artists across the disciplines of photography, painting and illustration. The exhibiting creatives show a diverse range of styles, from the satirical illustrator Polly Nor, to candid photographer Chloe Sheppard, to Florence Hutching’s naïve still life paintings. Other artists featured include Daisy Parris, Megan Doherty, Giulia Bersani, Ashley Miller, Rachel Louise Hodgson and Lauren Lepore.

The show is put together by the art collective, Loose, founded in 2016 by Joe Goicoechea, Charlie Warcup and Sam Hamer. Loose has previously exhibited and published the work of exciting new talent from like the likes of Ed Templeton and Hetty Douglas, continuously promoting the work of today’s budding creatives.

Loose Women’s subject matter explores a variety of themes around the perspectives of being a woman and otherwise. Polly Nor is best known for her hand-drawn illustrations and bold, block colours which illustrate the essence of female sexuality and the female-experience of life in the internet-age. Alternatively, Northern Ireland-based photographer Megan Doherty documents the intimacies of youth culture, revealing subtle tones of vulnerability through her excellent use of lighting and portraiture photography.


Loose Women: Chloe Sheppard


Loose Women: Florence Hutchings


Loose Women: Polly Nor


Loose Women: Ashley Miller


Loose Women: Rachel Louise Hodgson


Loose Women: Megan Doherty


Loose Women: Daisy Parris


Loose Women: Chloe Sheppard


Loose Women: Giulia Bersani