Made Thought’s latest installation imagines a plastic-free supermarket aisle

12 September 2018
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As we slide ever closer to our eventual ecological apocalypse, the need to measure — and vastly reduce — our use of plastic becomes an increasingly important issue. No longer the sole preserve of hardened nature-nuts, most of us do our daily bit to ensure that our lives aren’t totally dominated by the stuff. From subscribing to plastic-free veg boxes, to relying on good old-fashioned tap supplied H20 rather than chucking yet another bottle of Volvic in a bag-lined bin, there are pain-free ways to tackle plastic waste head on.

The thing is, the world is full of plastic, and nowhere demonstrates this better than a trip to the local supermarket. Biscuits, bananas, and blueberry muffins alike come encased in the stuff. London design studio Made Thought have worked with environmental campaign group A Plastic Planet to imagine a future in which even the supermarkets start taking plastic seriously.

First displayed in Dutch supermarket Ekoplaza earlier this year, Made Thought’s latest installation recreates an entirely plastic-free aisle in the confines of London’s Design Museum, where it will remain on display to viewers until early January.

Made Thought were given a brief to create a “visually arresting personality,” for both the aisle itself, and for the Plastic Free Trust Mark, which is a new symbol the studio has devised which aims to help shoppers “quickly identify products that are completely free from plastic packaging,” and thus reduce intake without a second thought.

Having decided to “challenge convention in the sustainability space,” they decided to create an, “impactful, empowering solution harnessing the power of positive, actionable change sensitive to the busy lives of consumers,” which seeks to avoid the fear factor that many similar campaigns rely on for impact. The result is an installation full of bottles, boxes, and bags of hope.


Made Thought


Made Thought


Made Thought

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