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Mark Leckey to bring a life-sized replica of a bridge on the M53 to Tate Britain


Mark Leckey: Dream English Kid, 1964 – 1999 AD (Via Mark Leckey/Tate)

Mark Leckey, the nation’s favourite long-haired art lover from just outside Liverpool, is set to take over Tate Britain in September with a large-scale installation titled O’ Magic Power of Bleakness.

Featuring Leckey work both old and new, the centrepiece of the show is a life-sized replica of a bridge on the M53.

Tate notes that: “This bridge, a recurring motif which has haunted Leckey’s work, will become the setting for a new audio play. Focusing on a group of teenagers, the play is inspired by folklore, particularly stories of changelings and ‘fairy raids’, and by the artist’s own pre-adolescent experiences.”

Fans of the artist’s epochal video work are in for a treat, as the gallery will be screening hot-out-of-the-editing-suite material alongside a double whammy of certified club-related classics, 1999’s Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore and the 2015 art world smash hit Dream English Kid 1964 – 1999 AD.

We’re told that “the exhibition will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue and a public programme of events including a variety night curated by Leckey taking place within the exhibition space.”

Leckey will be competing against William Blake for ticket sales, with the long-dead visionary’s long-awaited massive new exhibition taking place at the gallery at the same time.