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Hear all about it: Mastercard roll out new sonic brand

This time last month, we brought you news of Michael Beirut’s revamp of Mastercard’s iconic logo. Following on from this redesign which saw the Mastercard name removed from the overlapping yellow and red circles, the company has now revealed a new sonic brand identity.

Released in order to create “seamless familiarity” with the brand, the noisescape involves a unique tune that will be heard when users interact with the brand, both in-store or online. The sounds will also be heard when customers use Mastercard on voice assistants like Amazon Alexa.

In order the create the music itself, Mastercard worked with a variety of musicians, artists and agencies to create different versions, including the likes of, wait for it… Linkin Park. Depending on their location, or the situation in which they use Mastercard, customers will receive these different sounds.

This new sonic identity could perhaps mark Mastercard’s attempt to get ahead of the game in the world of voice-assisted buying, an industry which is predicted to be worth $40bn by 2022.