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Mat Maitland creates surreal pop sleeve design for new band, Fickle Friends


Artist Mat Maitland has created fresh new artwork for upcoming band Fickle Friends.

Working as a creative director and collage artist at Big Active Design, Mat has created a range of sleeve artworks for musicians such as Shura and Basement Jaxx. Fickle Friends, a Brighton based band already causing a fuss on the new music scene with just three singles to their name, asked Mat to visualise their sound as fans of his work. Mat will continue to do the artwork for their upcoming releases and subsequent album.

On creating the single artwork for the band Mat explained that, “Fickle Friends’ music is the perfect fit with my collage work both being pop with a slightly surreal undertone. The visual thread for the art is ‘faceless girl’ which relates to the bands lyrics as well as being a comment on identity.”


Mat Maitland: Fickle Friends


Mat Maitland: Fickle Friends