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Max Siedentopf’s latest work plays Toto’s Africa for all eternity in the Namib desert


Max Siedentopf: Toto Forever

Ever wanted to listen to Toto’s Africa on never-ending repeat? Well, designer and artist Max Siedentopf has got your back.

In his latest his work, Max has installed a speaker system in the Namib desert in his home country of Namibia. The oldest desert in the world is now home to six plinths, each holding a speaker connected to an MP3 player which pays tribute to “the most popular song of the last four decades”: Toto’s, Africa.

“Namibia is probably one of the most beautiful countries to grow up in, however, there’s not a lot going on art wise so every time I come home I try to do a project which is inspired by the surroundings,” Max tells us of the inspiration for the project. “Paying tribute to Toto was, of course, a definite must and it was a surreal experience sitting in the middle of nowhere listening to Africa for many hours on repeat.”

Oh, and the installation runs on solar power so, technically, the song will continue playing for all eternity, hence Max’s apt title for the piece, Toto Forever. Head to Max’s website to see a map of where you find the installation for yourself.


Max Siedentopf: Toto Forever


Max Siedentopf: Toto Forever