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McCann London creates new Cup a Soup advert starring Joey Essex


McCann London has created a new ad for Batchelor’s Cup a Soup and its Deliciously Thick range starring Joey Essex from ITV’s The Only Way is Essex. The spot sees a topless Joey saunter into a swish kitchen and make a Cup a Soup backed up by a classical soundtrack.

The ad mimics the trend for adverts to seductively sell any household item as a luxury product like coffee, ice cream and even cat food, but cleverly undercuts the extravagance with Joey’s Tim Nice But Dim reputation for being a little slow-witted. A voiceover declares the soup as “Incredibly tasty. Phenomenally thick,” as Joey smiles and then realises the jibe. A gourmet play from Batchelor’s, the ad remains just relatable enough for us to reach for the kettle.