Director Megaforce moves a traffic jam skywards in seamless Apple ad

With some masterful VFX, Megaforce gives us a breezy, relaxing spot for Apple’s new AirPods Pro.

16 March 2023


Quiet the noise is the latest spot from Megaforce – made up of directors Leo Berne, Clement Gallet, Charles Brisgand and Raphaël Rodriguez – enlisted to advertise the new AirPods Pro, in collaboration with TBWA\Media Arts Lab.

We open on a shot of a construction worker drilling in the street, oblivious to the fact that the section of the road is suspended in mid-air. Cars, dogs, a lollipop person, a marching parade and a whole intersection worth of noisy traffic are then introduced, all adrift above the skyline too. Then, as a lone character back at ground level turns off a pair of AirPods, the whole floating scene returns to the ground, illustrating the noise-cancelling capabilities of the new AirPods.

The stripped-back soundtrack – a cover of Where Is My Mind – and concept make for a fun, light viewing experience, while sticking to a style that feels fitting for Apple.

Quiet the noise comes not half a year after the last sensational offering from Megaforce, Night Creatures for Burberry. The spot brought together precise choreography and VFX to create a dance between three characters – kitted out in Burberry – and an ethereal being (which looked like a cross between the aliens from Arrival and a Cheesestring in form, but remained completely intriguing and otherworldly nonetheless). Quiet the noise continues Megaforce’s run of great spots after the lauded Night Creatures.

GalleryMegaforce / TBWA\Media Arts Lab: Apple, Quiet the noise. Screenshots from YouTube (Copyright © Apple, 2023)

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Megaforce / TBWA\Media Arts Lab: Apple, Quiet the noise (Copyright © Apple, 2023)

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