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Activists are raising awareness of global warming with a 35m-high ice sculpture of Donald Trump


After joking last year that he should potentially be added to the line-up of famous faces on Mount Rushmore, it seems as if President Donald Trump’s wishes might be coming true.

In response to global climate change, Finnish activist group Melting Ice is raising money to fund a 35 metre-high sculpture of the President on an Arctic glacier which is currently melting. If successful, the sculpture will be the “biggest ice-monument ever” and will match the size of the Presidents on Mount Rushmore.

Unlike most global leaders and much of the scientific world, President Trump has publicly stated that he doubts climate change is a result of human behaviour. The creation of Project Trumpmore, as the sculpture is known, will be Melting Ice’s attempt to “end the debate on climate change. For good”.

“We think that in its intangibility, global warming lacks a concrete symbol,” writes the organisation on the project’s website, “one that would prove it exists, or not. That’s what we are setting out to do: a scientific art project.”

If the required €400,000 is raised, the project will be completed from several separate ice carvings made by artists such as Anssi Kousa, who has already agreed to take part. The estimated building will take four weeks and will be live streamed around the world. Currently, a specific location for the sculpture has not been decided but Melting Ice is considering locations in Greenland and Iceland.