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Mike Mills directs extravagant ad for LVMH Moet Hennessy’s new retail platform


LVMH Moet Hennessy have launched a new advert for Clos19, a new lifestyle retail platform, with a film directed by Mike Mills which celebrates the intimacy of staying in with friends.

The short comes courtesy of Droga5, who have worked with director Mike Mills and composer Roger Neill to create Bring Them In. The one minute 45 short film opens with a revolving shot of a bunch of flowers before moving to pan over a dinner table splattered with the pudding and wine-stained remains of an extravagant meal. A mysterious voice over muses “it was like one of those times where the world just stops, everything was sparkling, it’s like, pure magic. And to have someone witness something like that: that’s like the whole point.” The film continues with black and white and colour portraits with meditations on love and friendship. “It’s not a squad or a hashtag,” the voiceover continues. “It’s not a fan or a crew. It’s real.”

“Clos19 and Droga5 wanted to remind people about the value of authentic friendship and that Clos19 can help you create those precious moments. Memories filled with laughter, tears, arguments or simply the joy of sharing a moment without saying anything,” executive creative director Alexander Nowak said in a statement. “To bring this insight to life, we decided to take an intimate approach with the film, highlighting the universal, indiscriminate nature of friendships, and the magical feeling we experience with the people we love.”

Mike Mills is best known for his films Beginners, Thumbsucker and 20th Century Women, which was nominated for an Academy Award last year. Bring Them In coincides with the US launch of Clos19.