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Moniker launches creepy browser-based game about online profiling


Interactive design studio Moniker and developers VPro have launched Clickclickclick, a browser-based game that documents and narrates your every move.

The minimal website features only text and one big green button, that says “Button”. As you move around the window and click elements of the page, the text records your behaviour in fine detail, posting statements such as “Subject has clicked on the button” and “Subject has moved to the bottom left area of the window”.

Meanwhile a Dutch man comments on your actions with a mildly sarcastic tone of voice, drawing conclusions from your actions and comparing you to other participants, for example saying “noticeably slower than the average subject… boring,” and even yawning. The site also records “achievements” for clicking or moving the cursor in certain ways.

Moniker says the game is intended to make people aware, in a fun way, of the amount of personal data that is recorded and tracked on the internet.

“Online behaviour is now measured continuously,” studio Moniker explains of the concept behind the game. “Every click has value, every mouse movement is analysed. But how far does this go? What does your click behaviour say about you?”