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“Re-create a classic design in crayon”: Abbie Freeman’s top picks from the Monthly Brief


Each month we invite creatives from across the world to invent creative briefs which everyone, no matter your talents, can get involved in. At the end of week, the best of the bunch are featured right here on It’s Nice That. Watch out this time next month for a new challenge to get involved in.

Last week, Abbie Freeman set our Monthly Brief asking you to “re-create a classic design in crayon”. Below, Abbie has picked some of her favourite submissions for your perusal.

“You can tell in all of the ones chosen that they’ve had a conversation with the crayon whilst drawing their piece. You can plan to a certain degree, but it’s when you reach the details, you have to make a decision on how to convey the work with a limited medium, which I think brings out the true charm of the crayon.”

Check out the #ItsBriefThat hashtag over on Instagram for more amazing entries!

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