"Create an empowering symbol to celebrate International Women’s Day.” - It’s Nice That’s Monthly Brief

5 March 2018
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This Thursday (8 March) marks International Women’s Day and in honour of the occasion our monthly brief is to create an empowering symbol which celebrates and unifies women from all over the world.

The symbol could be an illustration, digital design, collage or photograph, in fact disciplines of all kinds are welcome in this brief. The interpretation of what this symbol could be is also up to you. It could be a character, a photograph, or quite simply words.

There’s no winners when it comes to spreading a positive message, however we will highlight those who we think answered the brief in the most powerful way possible right here on the site, and on the It’s Nice That Instagram on Friday 9th March.

How to enter:

Create your symbol and upload it to Instagram on Thursday 8th March. (International Women’s Day)

Include @itsnicethat #ItsBriefThat and #InternationalWomensDay in the caption.

Tips and Bits:

How is your message best delivered? Is it a hand drawn illustration, a typographic treatment of words, a single powerful portrait or photograph?

Follow #ItsBriefThat and encourage those who are getting involved.

We’ll publish some of the final designs right here on It’s Nice That on Friday 9th March.

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