“Make a sculpture only using objects on your desk” - Michelle Maguire’s Monthly Brief

22 January 2018
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Every month we invite creatives from across the world to invent briefs which everyone, no matter your talents, can get involved in. At the end of week the best of the bunch are featured right here on It’s Nice That.

A few weeks back on It’s Nice That, we showcased Michelle Maguire’s fantastic series, Towers. In teaming up with photographer Kelsey McClellan, the project pays beautiful homage to Michelle’s grandfather, whose memorable dinner party game involved stacking objects from the table into mini, precariously balanced sculptures.

Taking direct inspiration from series, this month’s monthly brief challenges you to “make a sculpture only using objects on your desk”. Here’s some more guidance from Michelle.

“The sculpture should be made using whatever may be laying around your desk (objects and discarded materials alike) to form a tenuously-balanced assemblage. It can be stacked tall or on the flatter side, arranged horizontally, diagonally or vertically, and can contain as many components as you like. Size doesn’t matter, and the more abstract and artful it is, the better. Be free!”

How to enter:

Build the sculpture and upload photo to Instagram.

Include @itsnicethat and #ItsBriefThat in the caption.

Entries are open from Monday 22nd – 26th January.

Michelle will pick out her favourite sculptures to feature on It’s Nice That at the end of the week.

Tips and bits

We’re looking for artistic interpretations of the brief. Consider form, structure and how the photograph is taken.

You can enter as many sculptures as you like.

Have fun.

Try not to get caught by your boss, if you have one.

Keep an eye on #ItsBriefThat to see all the other great people getting involved.

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