“Create an image that represents the meaning of life for a designer”: it’s Screensaviors’ Monthly Brief

27 November 2017
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Every month we invite creatives from across the world to invent briefs which everyone, no matter your talents, can get involved in. At the end of week the best of the bunch are featured right here on It’s Nice That.

This month design meme pro Screensaviors asks you to: “create an image that represents the meaning of life for a designer. It can be written or purely visual."

“Take some time to look inward, ask yourself if you’ve been spending your life pushing things around, trying to fill a void that you feel so infinite, watching as the days become deadlines, mistaking success for meaning and convincing yourself that this is a noble pursuit, knowing full well that money will always degrade your endeavor, converting your art into a commodity.”

How to enter

Upload your image to Instagram.

Include @itsnicethat and #ItsBriefThat in the caption.

Entries are open from Monday 27 November – 1 December.

Screensaviors will pick out its favourite drawings to feature on It’s Nice That at the end of the week.

Tips and bits

This can be written or purely visual.

You can enter as many images as you like.

Have fun.

Keep an eye on #ItsBriefThat to see all the other great people getting involved.

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