Kid-friendly vacation startup Overmoon gets a cute and comforting rebrand from Mucho

Taking the phrase “over the moon” and running with it, the brand features a moon logo that waxes and wanes into a grin.

3 November 2022

Design agency Mucho has tackled the challenge of bringing some whimsy to the rental booking experience for Overmoon. Like Airbnb, Overmoon is a vacation rentals startup, although focusing its offering on family and kid-friendly rentals. This meant the branding had to reflect a stress-free booking and vacation process, but it also had to appeal to younger family members – meaning a sense of fun too.

Rob Duncan, creative director at Mucho, says: “Having travelled with children, I completely understood the challenges and pain points that Overmoon was trying to overcome.” The messaging, visuals and name – developed with A Hundred Monkeys – for Overmoon, is designed to hint at a “joyous” vacation, Mucho states (the name itself nods to the phrase ‘over the moon’). The idea of ease is perhaps best represented in the brand symbol, a simple crescent moon flipped over into a smile. In motion, Mucho shows the moon seamlessly moving through lunar phases to land on this final symbol.

The form of the moon logo also crops up typographically. Overmoon’s wordmark uses Boing by A2-Type, a sans serif with subtle rounded corners, “mirroring the roundedness of the symbol and giving the brand a soft, friendly feel”, says Mucho.

Mucho continues this approach in a colour palette inspired by the night sky, while a “DIY” style is employed on photography, Mucho says. Moving from “the industry standard, stereotypical stock photography of families on vacation”, Mucho aims to mirror the types of photos families might really take of each other. As a result, the brand agency hopes to elicit “an emotional vision of what an Overmoon experience can be like for guests”, something it describes as “key” to bringing the startup to life.

GalleryMucho: Overmoon (Copyright © Mucho / Overmoon, 2022)

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Mucho: Overmoon (Copyright © Mucho / Overmoon, 2022)

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