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Muji to open “anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap” hotels in China and Japan


Muji has announced it will open its first series of hotels, the Japanese brand’s first foray into hospitality. Already offering everything from homeware to clothing, books and food, this extends the brand’s offering to one of full immersion for customers, who will be able to surround themselves with its minimalist, functional aesthetic. “Muji Hotel seeks to provide a physical experience of the Muji philosophy,” says the brand in a press release, “through the texture of the towels, the placement of the outlets and light switches, menu and venue of the restaurant, and more.”

It also describes the hotels’ design as reflecting an “anti-gorgeous, anti-cheap concept”, though also states the prices will be “reasonable”. Prices range from $145 to $385 per night. “There are neither exorbitant prices and superfluent services nor dreary guest rooms resulting from the extreme reduction of quality,” the brand says. “We have arranged for you both a reasonable price space in which you will sleep well, restoring both mind and body, as well as services that naturally connect you to the locale.”

It aims to answer changing travel preferences, which Muji says are “shifting away from packaged consumer products to a build-your-own experience”.

Notably, the Japanese brand’s inaugural hotel will open in Shenzhen, China, in a newly constructed building close to the heart of the city. The second floor will house the hotel reception, a Muji restaurant and part of a two-storey retail store, continuing on the third floor. Floors four, five and six will house 79 hotel rooms. This will open on 18 January 2018.

The Beijing outpost will be located in a four-storey building in the old district of the city, currently undergoing redevelopment. This is scheduled to open on 20 March 2018. The Tokyo location in the city’s Ginza area is planned for Spring 2019.


Muji hotel


Muji hotel


Muji hotel


Muji hotel


Muji hotel