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Malcolm Garrett, Anthony Burrill, Craig Oldham and more donate work to The Mystery Tubes project

The Mystery Tubes project is raising funds to replace the roof of Manchester’s creative hub the Islington Mill. The initiative by Engine House offers the opportunity for you to purchase six artworks for £25, receiving work worth over £100.

A hand-cranked machine will dispense a tube containing six items by artists including Peter Sutherland, Louis Reith, Anthony Burrill, Mark Jermyn, Nous Vous, Thurston Moore & Eva Prinz, Palefroi, John Powell-Jones, Tim Isherwood, Studio DBD, Melvin Galapon, Craig Oldham, Mike Perry, Malcolm Garrett, Alex T. Frazer, Greg Quinton, Callum Higgins, Lulu Hankin, Iro Design, David Bailey, Amrit Randhawa, VTS Design, Made by Memo, Stina Puotinen, Nejc Prah, Ben Jones, Sarah Randles, Joe Whitmore, Sally Gilford and more.

“You might get an original hand-illustrated piece, or an early screenprinted edition,” say the organisers. “It may be letterpressed, screenprinted, hand-drawn or Risographed. The pieces vary between A6 (postcard) and A2 (poster) in size. Through purchasing a tube you are directly supporting these independent, local creative businesses and a place that warmly and generously supports them, in all their many shapes and forms.”

“The planned renovations will utterly transform the currently near-derelict fifth floor and attic space at Islington Mill to create brand new Artist and Maker Residence Spaces that will be the first of their kind in the north west. They will offer year-round accommodation and workspace for artists from all over the world, as well as new large-scale work and exhibition spaces, and new external elevators and building entrances, making the renovated building fully accessible to all.”

Mystery Tubes will be available to buy online or at our vending machine in Fred Aldous art shop, Manchester in April and other arts venues around the city over the coming months.


The Mystery Tubes

The Mystery Tubes: DR.ME


The Mystery Tubes: John Powell


The Mystery Tubes: Nejc Prah


The Mystery Tubes: Rob Bailey


The Mystery Tubes: Steve Hockett


The Mystery Tubes: Textbook Studio


The Mystery Tubes


The Mystery Tubes