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Have your aura read in Natalia Stuyk and Alice Stewart’s photobooth for one weekend only


Natalia Stuyk and Alice Stewart: True Self

If you go down to Covent Garden this weekend, you’re sure of a big surprise. Pop into Melissa Galeria and you might have to confront some uncomfortable home truths thanks to a new and short-running exhibition hosted by video artist Natalia Stuyk and creative technologist Alice Stewart.

The pair has devised True Self, billed as “a photobooth experience which takes a photograph of you to discover who you truly are. A physical print reveals a unique haze of colour and 3D shapes while a cosmic message relays your inner desires.”

True Self is “based on a combination of fortune cookies, palm reading, tarot cards and aura photography,” and such a combination “presents a new take on these theories and methods for the present day,” eventually allowing participants to discover a visual interpretation of, yep, their…true self.

Less time consuming than weekly sessions on a analyst’s couch, and considerably cheaper too, Natalia and Alice’s exploration of who we really are takes the form of a series of “coloured patterns, gradients, 3D shapes and particles based on Natalia’s animations and digital aesthetic while the messages produced will be developed by Alice, using machine algorithms to complement the aura photography to reveal potentially something the inner self of the participant is trying to tell them.”

If you want your aura read, you better hop on over to Covent Garden posthaste – True Self only runs until Sunday 18 November.


Natalia Stuyk and Alice Stewart: True Self


Natalia Stuyk and Alice Stewart: True Self