Say a sustainable hello to the world’s first fully compostable trainer

13 June 2019

The Plant Shoe (Via Native Shoes)

We love a world first here at It’s Nice That and today we’re happy to bring you one that might actually do some real good for the planet.

Canadian sneaker-merchants Native Shoes has unveiled the first ever 100 per cent compostable, natural, plant-based, and unisex trainer.

The Plant Shoe, as you’d assume, is made entirely from plants. The environmental issues website Green Matters reports that the new addition to Native’s footwear range features “a natural lactae hevea outsole; a eucalyptus lasting board; backing made from 90 per cent crok and 10 per cent sisal; an organic linen sock liner; a kenaf and corn felt insole; olive oil-soaked jute thread; natural latex-based glue; pineapple husk and organic cotton upper; and organic cotton shoelaces.”

Long story short, this means that once you’ve tired of the Plant Shoe’s pleasantly retro stylings, you can add them to coffee grounds, eggshells, and orange peel that the worms in your compost are currently feeding themselves silly on.

Clocking in at just over £150 they might be the most expensive thing you welly in the bin all year, but hey, if everyone wore a pair of eucalyptus-based shoes rather than the usual leathery clodhoppers most of us stomp around in, perhaps the planet wouldn’t be sliding right into an environmental and ecological crisis that will signal the end of the world?

There’s an argument to be made that getting intergovernmental support on emission-reducing policies would do a bit more in the long run, but for now, compostable shoes is a good place to start.


The Plant Shoe (Via Native Shoes)


The Plant Shoe (Via Native Shoes)

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