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Neil Krug captures Bat for Lashes in cinematic photo series The Bride


Neil Krug: The Bride Bat for Lashes

Neil Krug has photographed Bat for Lashes as The Bride, the character taken on by the musician for her new concept album of the same name. The cinematic series of photographs captures Bat for Lashes’ Natasha Khan in shots packed with narrative: driving with her veil blowing in the wind in front of a salmon pink skyline, or in dramatic fuchsia spotlights, together with atmospheric shots of the moody night sky.

The series was an idea conceived by Neil and Natasha to accompany the album, which follows the fictional story of a woman whose fiancé has been killed in a crash on the way to their wedding, so she flees the scene to go on honeymoon alone. It demonstrates Neil’s flair for saturated colour and dramatic scenography, shown in previous photographic depictions of Lana Del Rey, Justice and Tame Impala.

The photo series will be exhibited at Sonos Studio in London alongside painting and video installations from 5 — 24 July.


Neil Krug: The Bride Bat for Lashes


Neil Krug: The Bride Bat for Lashes