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New Balance’s latest campaign lets you swap exercise for beer


The Runaway (Via New Balance)

Every so often we’re made aware of an ad campaign that just works. The latest promotional tool wielded by trainer-merchants New Balance to entice people into slipping on a comfy pair of 997Hs is a doozy: they’re going to let you exchange exercise for delicious pints of freezing cold beer.

The initiative that New Balance has launched with running app Strava will see regular runners being able to claim alcohol rewards for putting miles on the clock at a central London pub which New Balance recently took ownership of.

There is, as you’d imagine, a sense of purpose here that goes beyond “beer, good, running also good". The London Marathon is just around the corner and New Balance are keen to “support and empower runners” throughout the gruelling training process. Strava will set specific challenges which, when completed, entitle the nation’s runners, joggers, huffers and puffers a chance to enjoy a few warm-down stretches with a beer in tow.

Those challenges will be set on a regular basis between now and the marathon, so if you’re both skint and in need of exercise, consider yourself very much in luck.


The Runaway (Via New Balance)