Huge new museum dedicated to posters opens next month in New York

29 May 2019

(Via Poster House)

New Yorkers, consider yourselves officially ”lucky sods” — not only do you get to regularly make yourself feel sick after a spin on the waltzers down at Coney Island after eating a sandwich bigger than some English villages at Katz’s Delicatessen, you can now visit a new museum entirely dedicated to the art of posters.

The Poster House, located in Manhattan’s uber-arty Chelsea district and which features an identity designed by Pentagram’s Paula Scher, will be the first museum of its kind anywhere in the United States.

Set to open to the public next month, it’ll contain a staggering 7,000 posters sourced from the four corners of the world, covering everything from art nouveau romanticism to early Photoshop experimentation by idealistic young East Berliners in the early 1990s.

Think of it as a comprehensive crash course in all things poster-related that doubles up as a pleasant way to while away time between huge slices of pizza if you’re lucky enough to be in NYC on holiday.

Talking to The Guardian Poster House’s director Julia Knight says: “Design museums feature posters, but they’re used as supplemental materials. Here, posters are a focal point and not an accessory.”

If you’re a poster-mad design-nut with a penchant for all things pasted-up, you might want to be strolling through Manhattan on 20 June, which is when Poster House officially opens its doors.

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