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A nightclub in Burnley claims it is being sued by Vogue


If you’ve ever been to Burnley, then chances are you’ve visited Vogue nightclub – the town’s “biggest nightclub providing the best nights and biggest DJs” – according to its Twitter account. In a turn of events that pretty much no one saw coming, the owners of the venue claim they are being forced to change the club’s name after being threatened with legal action by the renowned global fashion magazine of the same name.

“No one’s going to think: ‘I wonder if Kate Moss is at Vogue Burnley this week’?” stated owners Rebecca and Jason McQuoid on local radio station 2BR. “Everyone knows it’s nothing to do with the magazine. Bullying, I can’t think of any other word – it’s a big business bullying a small one.”

One Twitter user, which the club retweeted, commented: “If only I had a pound for every time I’ve mistaken Vogue the fashion magazine for Vogue the nightclub in Burnley…”.

After originally trying to fight the claim, the pair were forced to settle and instead managed to buy time to rename their business. “They’ve made their millions, they don’t care about a little business trying to make something in Burnley,” the pair stated. The magazine has even gone as far as reporting the club’s Facebook page resulting in a suspension: “Coming up to the Christmas period, you need your Facebook to advertise events and our advertising portal was Facebook. We had 9000 likes and we can’t communicate with our customers at all now."

Condé Nast responded when asked that, as policy “Condé Nast do not comment on pending disputes”.