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Flyknit drums and a microclimate chair feature in Nike’s Milan show, The Nature of Motion


Nike: The Nature of Motion exhibition for Milan Design Week

Nike’s exhibition for Milan Design Week, The Nature of Motion, features installations by ten progressive designers including Max Lamb and Martino Gamper.

Martino Gamper’s collection of drums use Nike Flyknit textiles over plywood bases, secured with Nike laces. The London-based designer says the work reflects the rhythm of natural motion.

Architect Greg Lynn has created an intelligent microclimate chair, made from carbon fibre and embedded with sensors. These work out the sitter’s body temperature and adjust the chair’s temperature accordingly, using integrated cooling modules and heat sinks. The idea is intended for athletes to cool down or heat up between periods of physical activity.

Max Lamb has taken a typically avant-garde approach with his work, which comprises a Brutalist collection of blocks in aluminium, and granite and polystyrene, levitating above an invisible layer of compressed air. This allows them to be moved with the lightest touch.

Bertjan Pot has upholstered inner tubes of a car, wheelbarrow, truck and tractor with woven Nike laces, ropes and belts; while Sebastian Wrong chair formation is made by stretching Nike Flyknit fabric over a steel frame. Zaven lighting collection also uses the Flyknit fabric, and is inspired by the beauty of an athlete in action.

Also part of the exhibition is a collection of seating by Clara von Zweigbergk and Shane Schneck which requires the sitter’s cognitive engagement to balance, and a lighting installation by Lindsey Adelman.


Martino Gamper: Flyknit drums


Greg Lynn: Microclimate chair


Max Lamb: floating Brutalist blocks


Bertjan Pot: woven inner tube seats


Sebastian Wrong: Flyknit chairs


Zaven: Flyknit lights


Lindsey Adelman: lighting installation


Clara von Zweigbergk and Shane Schneck: Balance seats


Nike: The Nature of Motion exhibition in Milan