Nike joins the UN Climate Change and Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action

25 June 2019

(Via Nike)

Nike has become the latest big name clothing brand to make a stand against climate change.

It’s signed up to the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, a governing body which seeks to push the fashion industry — the second biggest polluter in the world after oil — towards what the United Nations describes as a “holistic commitment to climate action.” The initiative sees brands, suppliers, and retailers working together to hit some of the tougher targets that the UN has deemed necessary in the fight against the current crisis becoming a complete and total breakdown.

Nike states that when it comes to fashion these include “a 30 per cent reduction in aggregate greenhouse gas emissions by 2030,” as well as a vision to “achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.”

The Oregonian sportswear giants state that by “teaming up with peers and partners,” across various sectors under the auspices of the UN, it’ll be able to “do what’s right for our planet and for the future of sport.”

A newly inked contract with the Charter for Climate Action isn’t the only move Nike has made when it comes to putting sustainability at the forefront of its practices. In May of this year, the company collaborated with Central Saint Martins to provide what it describes as a “ outlining best sustainability practices, providing both product creators and designers with “a common language for circularity.” It has also pledged to source 100 per cent renewable energy in the next few years.

“Together,” the company says in a press release accompanying the news of the commitment to playing an active role in the UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action, “these commitments reflect Nike’s dedication to creating a better, more sustainable world – for the next generation and for the future for sport.”

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