NoseID can scan your dog’s unique nose print to help find them if they get lost

The innovative nose-scanning smartphone app developed by Adam&eve ddb for petcare brand Iams is hoping to help millions of lost pets find their way home again.

19 April 2021

One in three pets will be lost at some point in their life; in fact ten million pets are reported lost or stolen in the US every year. To help tackle this, petcare brand Iams has launched a beta version of its innovative new mobile app NoseID, which uses first-of-its-kind nose-scanning smartphone technology to identify lost dogs by their nose print – which is unique to each dog, much like a human fingerprint.

The NoseID app invites users to make a profile for their dog, including scans of their dog’s nose and a physical description. If their dog goes missing, the owner can report their dog as lost and a missing dog alert will instantly be sent to other app users in their community. Anyone who finds a lost dog can use the app to check the alerts, and scan the found dog’s nose to search for matches. If they can identify the dog, the finder can connect with the dog’s owner to reunite them. The app also has resources for pet owners, such an interactive map of lost dogs and a lost dog poster generator.

While it’s currently only available in Nashville and its surrounding area, the app is planned for roll-out in other cities.

The app was created by agency Adam&eve DDB, whose research team trained a machine learning model to recognise and recall the noses of individual dogs, and developed the technology to make it available in a standard smartphone. It uses the camera to scan the dog’s nose in real time and turn it into a “nose ID” – a biometric identity unique to the dog. The team worked with Psycle Interactive on the app development and King Henry on design.

“Pets are irreplaceable family members, and with the NoseID app, we’re hoping to help keep more pets in their loving homes and out of shelters – taking another step toward our goal of ending pet homelessness,” says Mars Petcare’s Craig Neely in a statement. “The app is designed to be a community resource, so whether someone has a dog or not, they’ll be able to join the NoseID community to help reunite lost dogs with their families in their own neighbourhood.”

The brand is also partnering with local animal shelters to educate dog owners on the app and its benefits, as well as other preventative measures such as microchipping; and local businesses such as groomers and dog walkers.

The NoseID app is available for Apple and Android devices for users in Nashville; meanwhile interested users can download the app or sign up emails to be notified when the app is available in their city.

GalleryAdam&eve DDB: NoseID (Copyright © Mars Petcare, 2021)

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Adam&eve DDB: NoseID (Copyright © Mars Petcare, 2021)

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