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Out of Order sees artists explore what it means to be a woman living without toilet access


Eve Lloyd Knight

A group of top female artists and illustrators from the UK and Sierra Leone have come together to create Out of Order, an exhibition that explores “the impact a lack of decent, private toilets has on one in three women across the globe”.

Created to mark World Toilet Day (19 November), a day of annual international observance to raise awareness for the need for clean and safe toilets for all, the show will take place between 16 – 19 November at London’s Old Truman Brewey in Shoreditch.

The show is being made in collaboration with the charity WaterAid, and work from Nina Cosford, It’s Nice That 2017 Graduate Molly Fairhurst, Emma Shoard, Eve Lloyd Knight, Hawa Bangura and Josephine Dauda will be on display, taking over four toilet cubicle installations. In their own characteristic styles, the hand-drawn works examine the issues faced by women living in some of the poorest communities without access to proper toilet facilities. Some of the themes explored include, the impact on education and health, coping with periods and dealing with harassment and violence.

WaterAid director of global policy and campaigns, Margaret Batty says: “This World Toilet Day, we are encouraging the UK public to visit _Out of Order_; an exhibition which will see some of the world’s top female artists explore through thought-provoking and poignant observations what it means to be a woman living without access to a toilet.

“At WaterAid we know how a lack of decent sanitation affects women disproportionately throughout their lives. For many, it represents the difference between living in dignity or shame, between safety or violence, between being able to grow up healthy or struggling with sickness and between going to school or dropping out.

“Better health, education and gender equality cannot be achieved without ensuring that every woman and girl has access to a toilet.”

Out of Order will be at 11 Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery, from Thursday 16 November – Sunday 19 November and it is free to enter.


Nina Cosford


Nina Cosford


Molly Fairhurst


Molly Fairhurst


Emma Shoard


Emma Shoard


Hawa Bangura