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Juergen Teller’s been to Japan for Palace’s AW18 lookbook


Palace, it’s fair to say, are a big deal these days. No Saturday afternoon in Soho is complete without a quick gawp at the hordes of streetwear-hungry lads and lasses who queue up outside their Brewer Street store for a chance to emerge into sunlight a few hundred quid lighter after an hour or two spent browsing their wares.

Initially the concern of a few skate-obsessives who’d congregate on the Southbank for a day of doing whatever it is uber-cool skaters do with themselves, the brand has gone on to work with the likes of Adidas, Reebok and Gore-Tex, and they followed the launch of their London store with a New York outpost in 2017. Jonah Hill likes them. Your brother likes them. Juergen Teller seems to like them, too.

Recently the photographer found himself accompanying a smattering of Palaces skaters — Dino Da Silva, Rory Milanes, Juan Saavedra, Lucien Clarke, and Blondey McCoy — on an outing to Japan to shoot their autumn/winter 2018 lookbook. The shoot features clothes that’ll be available on Friday, 5 October, at 11am.

From the photos Juergen took, the fellas seemed to have a good, honest, touristy time. Nice, isn’t it, to see that even cooler than thou skaters enjoy doing things torn straight out of a dog-eared copy of a Marco Polo guide?


Juergen Teller/Palace


Juergen Teller/Palace


Juergen Teller/Palace


Juergen Teller/Palace