Mozilla and Studio Moniker campaign for EU copyright law via digital “leaflet bomb”

9 May 2017

Mozilla and Studio Moniker have collaborated on an online campaign and game called which aims to influence EU lawmakers to modernise EU copyright law. The website digitally recreates airborne leaflet propaganda known as “leaflet bombs” during the first and second world wars when thousands of leaflets were scattered by planes. The campaign invites users to click and drop virtual leaflets on aerial maps of parliamentary buildings around Europe, starting with the European Parliament in Brussels.

Moniker says the outdated EU copyright laws were developed for a time before the internet, and can “stymie innovation, preventing entrepreneurs from building on existing data or code. And it can stifle creativity, making it technically illegal to create, share and remix memes and other online content”.

As amendments to these laws are currently being drafted, Mozilla and Studio Moniker’s campaign hopes to spread the word about the reform to a mass audience, and effect change that benefits the creative industry. The virtual leaflets read: “Dear Members of Parliament! We are the cat video producers, the GIF lovers, and parody makers who bring delight to the Internet. Ours is a place where every imagination thrives.

“Copyright laws you will vote on will decide if creativity and expression will flourish. Or, your choice would force video sites to filter and prevent all of our uploads in the name of copyright protection. The joyful internet we love would cease to exist. Vote wisely. The Internet is counting on you! #fixcopyright.”


Moniker and Mozilla: leaflet


Moniker and Mozilla: leaflet


Moniker and Mozilla: leaflet

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