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Parker Day celebrates several generations of characters for the launch of Polaroid’s 96 Cam


70s Family Graham Mackie and Darla Parsen. Courtesy of Parker Day and Polaroid Originals

To mark the launch of the new ’96 custom vintage Polaroid camera, Polaroid Originals has teamed up with photographer Parker Day to celebrate eight characters spanning several generations.

Titled Still Got It, Parker’s series offers more of the California-based photographer’s signature style with hyper-saturated colours, full of life and energy. It features internet phenomenon Baddie Winkle with her great-granddaughter, Kennedy. Frances Davis (the first black ballerina in the Paris Opera Ballet), musician Sham Cassette, as well as actors Graham Mackie and Darla Parson.

Each subject is portrayed with a Polaroid camera from the era that they were born or with the newly launched Polaroid OneStep 2 camera. To further reflect the differentiating eras, each character’s hair and makeup references its time, all in Parker’s accentuated style. “As a result, the Still Got It photo series captures eight decades of individuality, demonstrating that style is never a question of age,” explains Polaroid in a recent press release.

Parker’s images have been produced in-line with today’s launch of the 96 Cam, a limited-edition vintage refurbished Polaroid camera. Created as a “love-letter to the 1990s from a brand who helped define the era,” the launch sees the 600 format camera given a new, custom outer shell that references 90s pop culture. With a run of 2000 cameras, each one has been carefully cleaned and reconstructed and gets its name from the year this model of camera was first introduced: 1996.

In this context, Still Got It takes on another role. As well as celebrating several generations of unique characters, the series also emphasises how different generations can inspire each other – in the same way the 1996 Polaroid camera is still inspiring the brand’s products today. By manufacturing film for some of the most popular vintage Polaroid cameras, such as the 600, SX-70 and Spectra models, Polaroid Originals is attempting to uphold the legacy of analogue instant photography, introducing it to younger generations in our increasingly digital and disposable world.


70s Graham Mackie.Courtesy of Parker Day and Polaroid Originals


60s Marc Ransdell Bellinger. Courtesy of Parker Day and Polaroid Originals


80s Frances Davis. Courtesy of Parker Day and Polaroid Originals


90s Baddie Winkle. Courtesy of Parker Day and Polaroid Originals


90s Baddie Winkle. Courtesy of Parker Day and Polaroid Originals


60s Regina Williamson. Courtesy of Parker Day and Polaroid Originals


80s Shamon Cassette and One Step 2 camera. Courtesy of Parker Day and Polaroid Originals