Pauline van Dongen creates conceptual sport suit from condom material

22 July 2016
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Pauline van Dongen has designed a one-of-a-kind experimental concept suit for long jump athletes, made from the same material conceived and used by prophylactic manufacturer Skyn for its range of condoms.

Developed to increase stamina and performance, the design pulls aspects of nature, mimicking their shape and function so as to appropriate their athletic advantages and minimise the limitations of the human body.

In this case, small laser-cut flaps inspired by dragonfly wings located on the edges of the suit’s limbs, exploit aerodynamics to give a long jump athlete extra uplift and therefore time and distance in the air.

Pauline’s prototype means to show off the elasticity, light weight and strength of the patented material developed by Ansell, which owns the Skyn condom brand, in an exciting and novel way. The stunt represents an imaginative dedication to stretching the brand experience.

Creative services and advertising firm Sid Lee Amsterdam has produced the accompanying film, directed by Jona Honer, which displays the capabilities of the suit in the hands of a pro-athlete, proffering the possibilities of the material through effective cinematography and use of 360˚ cameras.


Pauline Van Dongen for Skyn


Pauline Van Dongen for Skyn

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