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David Shrigley, Banksy and Mr Bingo feature in Pavement Licker compendium


The creators of Pavement Licker, a street art zine founded in 2003, have released a mammoth 518-page hardback compendium of all its issues. Featuring work by renowned and unknown artists and writers alike, the zine began as a way to support creatives in publishing work “without pushing a particular agenda or manifesto”. Over the years it has received contributions from David Shrigley, Banksy, Kate Moross, Shepard Fairey, Pure Evil, Paul Insect, Ellannah Sadkin, Jamie Hewlett, Mr Bingo, Andrew Rae, Chrysa Koukoura, Kelsey Brookes and Jon Burgerman.

“It’s a snapshot of the underground art world for most of this century,” says co-founder Josh Jones, who you may remember as the maker of Celebrities in Ramen, “a unique document of the rise and rise of the street art scene.” All the work is black and white, and, while the styles vary, a punk attitude prevails throughout.

The book also features quotes from its higher profile contributors, in response to a request for submissions. For example, Jamie Hewlett: “I’ve got loads of doodles – as long as you’re prepared to take something filthy… finally, an outlet!” and Banksy: “I don’t have anything lying around that isn’t shit I’m afraid.”

Shepard Fairey says: “Some questions are black and white. Pavement Licker and I see eye to eye on the answers to the questions of whether to be conformist or irreverent, passive or creative, elitist or accessible. Pavement Licker demonstrates that one colour can answer some very important questions!”

Mr Bingo also aptly describes the zine: “It’s like Heat magazine, but it’s black and white and the pictures and the words are better.”

Pavement Licker: Whet Your Appetite, issues 1–10 by Josh Jones and James-Lee Duffy launches 27 July at Pure Evil Gallery.


Pavement Licker: Banksy and Richard Stevens


Pavement Licker: Josh Jones, We Are Shadows and Kelsey Brookes


Pavement Licker: Andrew Rae


Pavement Licker: Dan Wilton and Tom Genower


Pavement Licker: Mr Bingo and Kenn Goodall


Pavement Licker: Christopher Dean and Shepard Fairey


Pavement Licker: Anthony Lister and Hannah Baxter


Pavement Licker: Jon Burgerman and Dan Wilton


Pavement Licker: Rodney Henchcliffe and Jamie Hewlett


Pavement Licker: Aldo Lugo and Shepard Fairey


Pavement Licker: We Are Shadows


Josh Jones and James-Lee Duffy: Pavement Licker: Whet Your Appetite, issues 1–10