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Peckham Levels announces first 100 members of new co-working initiative


Peckham Levels: image via Goodfellow Communications

Peckham Levels is a group led by community members and local representatives. Their goal, after a successful proposal to Southwark Council, is to transform the interior levels of Peckham’s “famous” multi-storey carpark into a new co-working initiative.

The first release of the members who will be joining the project has been announced, which includes local artists, musicians, charities and independent businesses working in food, drink and events. There are more than 100 members set to join; gal-dem, Otherside Fried, Drums and Flats, The Reason Why Foundation, Nandine and Intoart have been confirmed.

“Our members are the heart and soul of Peckham Levels, and we couldn’t be more excited about the inspiring group of people we’ll be working and playing alongside over the coming years. It’s a huge milestone to finally begin telling the world who they are. We cannot wait to open our doors, and harness the energy and talent in this area to help Peckham Levels grow into one of the most exciting cultural destinations in London,” says Luds Van de Belt from the company.

Set to open in October, the build will last for six years and will provide a temporary space for its members. It’s focus is on creating over 500 jobs alongside connecting “talented local people with lasting opportunities and the community around them… All its membership applications prioritise local people, 75% of its members will hail from Peckham itself, and 85% will be from the local borough of Southwark. Ten of its studios are being offered at heavily discounted rates as part of a programme called Creators in Residence, in order to support early stage talent from the local area who otherwise might not be able to pay for membership and starting from £108 a month.”

The first five floors will comprise workspace for emerging artists, designers, makers and creative entrepreneurs, while the two upper levels will be an events space hosting local food and drink vendors.

“When we came up with the idea to turn our under-used car park into a cultural hub, building on the brilliant work of Bold Tendencies and Frank’s Café, we wanted to provide affordable work space for creative businesses, new event space and new places for the local community to come and socialise,” explains Councillor Mark Williams, cabinet member for regeneration and new homes. “Peckham Levels is set to deliver on each of these, with local artists able to take advantage of the spaces provided to nurture and grow their business, and the local community getting a new venue to enjoy.”