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Do The Green Thing attacks the Tories with Craig Oldham poster, Brexit means Oh Shit


Pentagram partner Naresh Ramchandani’s initiative Do The Green Thing has published a poster by designer Craig Oldham together with an article attacking the Conservative party’s approach to climate change issues.

Brexit Means Oh Shit plays on Theresa May’s much-talked-about quote “Brexit means Brexit”, and goes on to list what the designer believes Brexit truly means for the UK, based on the party’s “environmentally deficient party manifesto”.

The article states: “There are plenty of ways to choose how you’ll vote on 8 June. You can let the economy guide you, or health, or housing. Or, if you’re a maudlin red-clad countryman, fox hunting. Or you could vote on the environment (AKA the biggest threat facing humanity), an issue that is inextricably linked to our physical health, food security, homes and planetary future. If you care about any of these things, then there is only one path: vote against the Conservatives.”

Listing reasons specific to the cause, the poster features statements such as: “Brexit means a break from an alliance that is more influential than we are. One that demands better air quality, cleaner beaches and lower carbon emissions on behalf of 500 million people, not one small island.”

Read more and download the poster here.