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Pentagram’s identity for LDF 2017 pays homage “to the uniqueness of London”


For the 11th consecutive year, Pentagram partner Domenic Lippa has created the visual identity and promotional materials for this year’s London Design Festival. This year’s identity pays homage “to the uniqueness of London’s unlikely urban beauty” and uses neon to create a three-dimensional visual language.

As with previous festival identities a colour palette of red and white has been used. The neon sign within the identity, which will be reproduced for the event, conveys a playfulness and adds a tactile quality to the branding.

Working with the photographer John Ross, Pentagram has stretched the legibility of the sign, “exploring various shapes, angles and expressions” in order to emulate the festival’s commitment to approaching design from unique directions. Domenic Lippa said of the collaboration: ”I have known and worked with John for over 35 years and apart from him being a friend, I think he’s one of the best photographers in London and totally understood what we were after and stretched the legibility of the sign to the point the image becomes sculptural."

Pentagram’s work will be applied to the official festival guide, posters, signage, merchandise and advertising and crops of the neon are scattered throughout.

London Design Festival kicks off 16 – 24 September 2017 across venues and institutions around the city, for the full programme click here.


Pentagram: London Design Festival


Pentagram: London Design Festival


Pentagram: London Design Festival


Pentagram: London Design Festival


Pentagram: London Design Festival


Pentagram: London Design Festival