Dig into music synthesiser history with Yuri Suzuki's new interactive site

The Minimoog Model D can be heard in tracks from Gary Numan, Dr. Dre, David Bowie and Bob Marley. Now, Pentagram partner Yuri Suzuki builds a digital home to celebrate its legacy.

23 May 2023

What unites Moby’s South Side, Radiohead’s Lotus Flower and Chaka Kahn’s I Feel For You? You guessed it. They all feature the Minimoog Model D, a synthesiser from music history which celebrates its 70-year anniversary today (23 May). Despite the Minimoog’s impact – it influenced Kraftwerk and helped create the prototype for industrial music – many might not be familiar with its sound. So, ahead of its re-release, Pentagram partner and Moog superfan Yuri Suzuki has created a fun digital experience diving into the product with web development team Counterpoint and illustrator Rob Pybus.

A major feature is a free emulator of the Minimoog Model D which allows audiences to record their own songs. A Jukebox also lets users pick from a playlist of well-known songs made using the Minimoog Model D.

The site is navigated via a multi-story Mini Moog Factory, inspired by 90s video games and websites. Every room offers a different way to revisit the beloved instrument. Other functions include an archive ‘room’, which offers an online clickable textbook covering the history of the synthesiser and its design. There’s also the Face Synth, an Instagram filter designed to react to your facial expression, and the Build-a-Synth, which allows you to print your own miniature Minimoog using paper and scissors.

Yuri Suzuki says: “Working on this web project for the past two years has been an incredible journey, as Moog has always been my top fascination. Their synthesisers’ special sound and beautiful design hold a special place in my heart. I still vividly remember our first discussion years ago where we envisioned a web experience that celebrates the Minimoog Model D. Our goal was to craft a tightly interactive and fun experience that would capture the essence of Dr. Bob Moog and his team’s groundbreaking innovation.”

Yuri and Moog first joined together on the Global Synthesizer Project in 2016, an instrument-cum-installation which allowed users to emulate environmental sounds from around the globe.

GalleryPentagram / Counterpoint: Mini Moog Factory, illustrated by Rob Pybus (Copyright © Pentagram / Moog, 2023)

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Pentagram / Counterpoint: Mini Moog Factory, illustrated by Rob Pybus (Copyright © Pentagram / Moog, 2023)

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