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Philippe Starck designs sharable medal for Paris Olympics


Designer Philippe Starck has designed a modular medal that may be awarded to victorious athletes should Paris host the Olympics in 2024 or 2028. The design is “made for sharing” and can be split into four individual medallions that could be gifted to family, friends and trainers.

“The medalist will be able to take their medal, split it to give way to three other medals to offer to their loved ones as a witness to this great day,” said Philippe in a statement. “This is a great moment of self surpassing.”

The design was unveiled at a ceremony in Lausanne last week in front of the 89 IOC members and the French President Emmanuel Macron. “Defeats and victories are collective,” says Starck’s website. “Behind this athletes who reach for excellence, there are the invisible hands that accompany, support and sculpt the body and mind of the champions. It is on this ideas of Olympic reward as collective outcome to be shared that Philippe Starck imagined this medal.”

The French designer has previously designed the Olympic flame for the 1992 Winter games in Albertville.

The IOC is expected to announce what year Paris will host the Olympics later this month, with Paris and LA in contention for 2024 and 2028.


Philippe Starck: Olympic Medal


Philippe Starck: Olympic Medal


Philippe Starck: Olympic Medal


Philippe Starck: Olympic Medal