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Pornhub launches first in guest director series with lesbian adult film by Young M.A. (NSFW)


Young M.A: Pornhub

Pornhub has launched the first film in a new guest director-led series with a lesbian film by Brooklyn rapper Young M.A, ahead of the release of her debut album.

According to the adult film site, the Visionaries Director’s Club series looks to “diversity porn production”. The Gift features an all-female cast of seven women, with M.A given access to some of the site’s most well-known female stars. Set in a mansion, the erotic film follows a woman as she enters and explores the fantasy realm.

“It’s about a girl, a virgin,” the rapper-turned-director, who is herself openly gay, explains. “It’s her birthday and a friend kinda like sends her off to this place where she’s mysteriously walking through different rooms and stuff and finding out, you know, paradise.”

The rapper’s songs will be featured in the production. “This all goes into Her Story, which is the album that will be dropping real soon. It’s kind of a part of my story because it’s some nice little action going on with these beautiful women, women only,” Young M.A. says in a behind-the-scenes video. “I look forward to that – that I was in control of how everything is going to play out, and the girls and the scenes.”