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Juno Calypso unveiled as Port magazine’s first female cover star


Port has unveiled its two latest cover stars, Ethan Hawke and Juno Calypso. This is first time the men’s lifestyle magazine has had a woman on the cover.

The cover image shows Juno’s alter ego Joyce submerged in a heart-shaped bath, a familiar setting to those who know her 2015 project The Honeymoon. It forms part of a series shot exclusively for issue 19 of Port, wherein the photographer returns to her memorable series to further explore its dramatic scenery, dark humour and fantastical notions of femininity.

An interview with Juno by Port’s photography director Emma Bowkett – also photography director for FT Weekend magazine – accompanies the set of photos, to give some insight to the project and her creative approach.

Emma writes: “Last year, Juno went on a one-woman honeymoon tour, renting rooms in a love hotel in Pennsylvania while telling those she met that she was a travel writer. Home to a salmon-coloured, heart-shaped bath encircled by mirrors, and a huge circular bed with a skylight, the hotel was the perfect location for Joyce to perform pre-marital fantasies.”

Juno tells Port:“These hotels haven’t changed décor since the 60s. One man designed the whole thing and it’s a mess… a time warp. I thought: surely a million fashion photographers must have used this. But they hadn’t. It was the underdog. That’s what I liked about it.”

Port issue 19 is out 2 November.

Juno was one of It’s Nice That’s Ones to Watch for 2016 and spoke about her work at Nicer Tuesdays.


Juno Calypso for Port


Juno Calypso for Port


Juno Calypso for Port


Juno Calypso for Port


Juno Calypso for Port