Creatives hope to flip the Senate with Postcards to Georgia

Illustrators, graphic designers and artists have been submitting artworks to be disseminated by political organisation The 99 Problems before the crucial vote on 5 January.

4 January 2021

Tomorrow, an important vote in the US state of Georgia could be a fork in the road for Biden’s presidency. In turn, creatives across the country have been helping to get the message out. If Democrats can take both Senate seats for Georgia in the runoffs and therefore flip the state, the Senate would be split 50:50 instead of Republican controlled, with any deciding votes in a tie cast by vice president-elect Kamala Harris – therefore helping Biden more easily pass legislation that might otherwise be blocked by the opposing party. So, pro-Democrat arts project Postcards to Georgia has invited creatives to submit artworks, designed to encourage voting in the state tomorrow (5 January 2021) as it could shape vital progress during the next four years.

The artworks range from illustrative to typography-led graphics, some more detailed and factual, others more directly motivational calling to “turn Georgia blue” and “flip the Senate”. Some focus on the candidates Warnock and Ossoff, while others take a more emotive tone seen broadly ahead of the presidential vote last year, calling for voters to “make your voice heard”.

The project has been crowdsourced via an online submission form with artworks hosted on an online library. Influential and nationally recognised organisations such as Wide Awakes, For Freedoms and Joy to the Polls have shared its content by way of support and to mobilise voters.

Postcards to Georgia is powered by The 99 Problems, a grassroots political organisation founded in July 2020 with a mission to encourage young people to vote for the Biden-Harris ticket. Since the election, the group has pivoted to focus on the Georgia Senate election – a symbol of this vote’s crucial nature ahead of the new president taking office.

See the full gallery here.

GalleryPostcards to Georgia


Helen Niu: Postcards to Georgia (Copyright © Helen Niu, 2021)


Lisa Champ: Postcards to Georgia (Copyright © Lisa Champ, 2021)


Lisette Correa: Postcards to Georgia (Copyright © Lisette Correa, 2021)


Viscaya Wagner: Postcards to Georgia (Copyright © Viscaya Wagner, 2021)


Nicole Goux: Postcards to Georgia (Copyright © Nicole Goux, 2021)


Morgan L: Postcards to Georgia (Copyright © Morgan L, 2021)


Joe Geoghan: Postcards to Georgia (Copyright © Joe Geoghan, 2021)

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Zipeng Zhu: Postcards to Georgia (Copyright © Zipeng Zhu, 2021)

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