Photography magazine Primary Paper launches its first issue

17 October 2018

All images via Primary Paper

Newly launched photography magazine Primary Paper has launched its first issue exploring the theme of colour. Each issue of the NY magazine will have different themes, and in this issue, we see spreads and photo essays in azure, red, and yellow as contributors were invited to express their ideas around a single colour.

Editors have bought together contributors Jack Davison, Ronan McKenzie, and Milan Zrnic, selected by curators and editors, NY-based stylist Coquito Cassibba, and Berlin based graphic designer and art director Jessica McGowan, on the grounds of their strong use of colour.

Speaking about the publication, they say, “Through commission and curation, we collaborate with emerging and established artists to delve deep on a single theme per issue. With work exploring both the every day and the unexpected, we embrace diverse perspectives and artistic visions”. The work aims to reimagine how we view colour and its capabilities, through beautifully shot images, and a platform to show work for photographers that they love.

“We were both looking for a creative outlet outside of the commercial work that we normally do that is so heavily associated with budgets, funding, and commercial gain. It’s inspiring to create something that is purely artistic”.

“The aim for us is to stay as a print only publication. There’s so much content online now, so it’s really nice to create something physical you can hold, something that lasts more than a fleeting moment. We hope it’s seen as more of a beautiful photography book than just another glossy magazine.”

Primary Paper is out now and available for purchase online as well as boutique stories and galleries including MoMA and Papercut. The next issue is due to be out next April.

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