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Noel Fielding, Rob Ryan and Mr Bingo among artists creating prints for refugee week


Noel Fielding

Artists including Jake and Dinos Chapman, Rob Ryan, Noel Fielding, Mr Bingo and Sara Pope have created exclusive prints for a week-long exhibition as part of Refugee Week raising funds for the charity Help Refugees.

The work is inspired by artist Katherine Hamnett’s Choose Love slogan and together with Print Club London, 30 artists have created individual pieces using illustration, collage and photography, which will be shown at Print Club London’s Dalston gallery this week.

The collection includes hand-drawn figures from Alexandria Coe, a crush of blooming lipstick kisses in pink and red from Sara Pope, and a state of the nation address from Rob Ryan’s signature cut-outs. Other contributing artists include Stanley Donwood, Quentin Jones, Lauren Baker, Dan Hillier, Ben Allen, Bonnie and Clyde, Newton Blades, Magda Archer, Adam Bridgland, Donk, Celia Warnants, Edd Pearman, Kate Gibb, Patrick Thomas, Rose Stallard, Hayden Kays, and more being announced soon.

Refugee Week aims to celebrate the contributions of refugees globally, in an effort to educate, teach and amplify the voices of marginalised communities and recognise their challenges. Each artist has taken these ideas and reworked the iconic pop symbolism of Hamnett in the context of of our current political moment.

All prints will be available to buy via Print Club from 21 June and via the Dalston gallery with all proceeds directly supporting the work of Help Refugees.


Alexandria Coe


Mr Bingo


Rob Ryan


Cassandra Yap


Dan Hillier


Sara Pope


Magda Archer